Organisational framework

Bulgarian Book Association is a membership organization of Bulgarian book publishers, book distributors and book agents.

Bodies of the Association are the General Meeting, the Steering Committee and the Control Committee.




Velizara Dobreva, Egmont Bulgaria

President; State Policy and Legislation on Book Publishing; Booksellers affairs; International Literary Festivals


Maya Bobeva, Clever Book Publishers

Vice-President; International Activity; The Book Alley - Cultural programme

Dimitar Iliev, Shambhala Publishing House
Organization of book fairs and exhibitions in Bulgaria

Galya Dyankova, Kibea Publishing House
 Library Legislation; Activities, promoting reading

Tsonka Kazakova, Professor Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House
Educational publishing; Seminars and trainings; Annual awards of BBA; PR



Michaela Todorova

Secretary General

Anna Filipova

BBA Manager


Monica Dimitrova

PR Manager


Elena Georgieva
Event Manager 

Svetla Haritonova