Goals of BBA


  • to work for sustainable development of the national book publishing in compliance with EU practices and standards;
  • to cooperate with a view to improving the legislation pertaining to book publishing;
  • to work for the Bulgarian book development as a national culture product within the all-European treasure-house;
  • to work for promoting reading as an activity that helps develop the thinking and culture of children and young people, and to popularize the European concept about lifelong learning;
  • to work for a wider book accessibility through development and consolidation of the library network in the country by means of elaborating a better normative framework;
  • to popularize the Bulgarian book in Europe as an expression of our national identity;
  • to advance and help establish the fair competition and market regulation principles on the book publishing market in the country and abroad;
  • to coordinate the efforts of its members towards creating market relations based on professional ethics and the principles of loyalty and equality.