Bulgarian Book Association

The Bulgarian Book Association (BBA) is the only organization of book publishers, book distributors and book agents in the country. It is a non-profit organization in private favour, established in 1994. The Association has more than 100 members, who are responsible for over 90 % of book publishing in Bulgaria.

The BBA activities are aimed at sustainable development of the national book publishing in compliance with the European practices and standards, and for promoting reading as a crucial precondition for person’s spiritual development.

In 2006 BBA designed the national program “Reading Bulgaria” and the “Strategy for sustainable development of the national book market”.


Bulgarian Book Association:

  • Organizes Sofia International Book Fair;
  • Organizes Sofia International Literary Festival;
  • Presents Bulgaria with national stands at the international book exhibitions; 
  • Awards the Golden Lion award for best issued book;
  • Awards the Knight of the Book award for special merit to the development of the book publishing sector in Bulgaria and on the occasion of the World Book and Copyright Day – 23 April;
  • Carries out the national campaign "The March of the Books";
  • Organizes seminars and training courses with the purpose of upgrading the qualification of its members; 
  • Works with governmental institutions to harmonize Bulgarian legislation according to the European standards;
  • The BBA carries out media campaigns for popularizing reading as a factor in the individual’s intellectual development.

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