Inle Publishers

Sofia, Dianabad, 34
0888 656 707


INLE publishers, founded in 2014, is specialized in publishing books related to history, history of religions, art history and travelogues. Written in an accessible language, INLE’s editions introduce to the readers the cultural and historical heritage in order the original Bulgarian values tо be preserved and passed on to the generations coming after us.
Published Books:
• “'The Mystery of the Bulgarian Church Paintings” – an unique two-volume study of the Bulgarian frescoes in comparison with foreign models of the Catholic and Orthodox (Ethiopian, Syrian, Romanian, Georgian and Armenian) traditions.
• “"Ethopia or beyond Christianity as we know it” – the first book in Bulgarian language introduces the reader to the Abyssinian ancients and early Christianity which are preserved in this exotic country.
• The three original Bulgarian icon-painters manuals: “Herminia by Dicho Zograph”, “Herminia by Zakhary Petrovich” and “Herminia by Varban Kolarov”.
With its work INLE publishing house hopes to inspire Bulgarian readers to appreciate the legacy of our ancestors and to preserve it for the future generations.