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ICU is as a small-size independent press with clear profile and uncompromised literary taste. We believe every book is a moving personal experience meant to help us see each other better. ICU means I SEE YOU—as a partner, as a human being. Our focus is on contemporary European writers dealing with issues of migration, refugees, home, personal growth, and The Other. The objective of our books is to involve Bulgarian readers in a larger literary context by offering a perspective that is broader than our individual lives, while at the same time invoking empathy and asking questions about identification, personality and belonging. Our themes are the big themes of contemporary literature.
The two absolute bestsellers of ICU, My Brother’s Suitcase and Our Fathers are Never Really Gone, were published to great success in June 2015 and April 2017, respectively. Among our authors in translation, published and in process of publication, are: Priya Basil, Chris Cleave, Rose Tremain, Pierre Mejlak, Josip Novakovich, Colm Toibin, Zadie Smith, Hisham Matar, Emiliou Solomou, Goran Vojnovich, Katja Kettu, etc.
Traditionally, ICU selects their creative teams with extensive care. We work with established and award-winning translators, editors and designers.

Reference 1, by one of our authors, Chris Cleave, who wrote as follows:

I’ve been hugely impressed by my experience of working with ICU, and with Nevena in particular. When she published my novel ‘Little Bee’, she organised events for it all over Bulgaria. These were carefully targeted at communities who were interested in the themes of the book (refugees and human rights). She also made a video in which people involved with the book’s themes voiced an essay that I wrote - and I found the experience powerful and moving. It is clear that ICU chooses very carefully the writers it wants to publish, and then tailors the publication and promotion strategy specifically to each book. It is this passion and attention to detail that has convinced me how lucky I am to be published by ICU. The most frank endorsement I can give is that having been published once by ICU, I am now looking forward to them publishing two more of my books. Also, I have committed to going on tour in Bulgaria next year - which is not something I would do if I didn’t believe 100% in my publisher. I hope you will find these comments helpful for you & for your client, my fellow writer - my best wishes to you both. Kind regards, Chris Cleave

Reference 2, by the EUPL 2014 winning author from Malta, Pierre Mejlak:

ICU published the Bulgarian edition of my book “Having Said Goodnight” in December 2015. Having worked closely with the translator and publisher from the very start of the project right until the end, I feel lucky that my path as a writer crossed that of ICU’s as a publisher. ICU dealt with my book with utmost love and attention, something that big publishers very often cannot afford to do. The book was launched at the National Book Fair in Sofia, where ICU invited me for an intensive promotional tour. With back-to-back meetings with bloggers, bookshop owners, journalists and readers, I couldn’t have wished for more. On a more personal level, working with Nevena and her team was pure joy. What started out as a collaboration developed into a friendship which I cherish.