Gutenberg Publishing House

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Publishing House Gutenberg started its activity in 2001. Initially it focussed mainly on publishing cultural studies and historical books, but consequently it diversified its production with exemplary Bulgarian and mainly European fiction and quickly gained popularity in the wide audience. Gutenberg has published over 230 books, including those of prominent Bulgarian intellectuals as Prof. Vera Mutafchieva and Prof. Aleksandar Fol, and renowned authors as Rabindranath Tagore (Nobel Prize, 1913), Eugenio Montale (Nobel Prize, 1975) and Milán Füst (Nobel Prize nominee, 1965). Other exemplary publications include the anthologies of Spanish writers Miguel de Unamuno and Federico García Lorca.
In 2012, Publishing House Gutenberg was re-registered, keeping the ISBN of its books. It preserved its strict publishing policy but expanded its scope. Currently it is preparing for publication authors as the Nobel Prize winners: Maurice Maeterlinck, William B. Yeats, Grazia Deledda, André Gide, Boris Pasternak and Rudyard Kipling. A special accent is placed on the design of the books, including art catalogues and rare illustrated editions of high artistic value. This comes in line with the purpose of the company to make accessible a synthesis of visual and textual art for both the wide public and the connoisseurs.